“Political Science IS a science!” ~Me @ every panel on science.

Rivets & Robotology

Science is a fundamental aspect of the genre of science fiction, although its application is often invisible and its effect subtle. From the earliest beginnings in Frankenstein to our modern classics, science is there in the story and even when we cannot see it or it is not talked about explicitly, it is part of the framework. The ability to make the science interesting even when it is invisible is the difference between good and bad fiction. At least sometimes.

But science is more than rockets, robots, and ‘rithmatic. Science is behavior. Science is the mind and science is the society of those collective minds or the society of one mind. Science is gender. Science is transhuman and science is posthuman. Science is harnessing the breeze and harnessing the atom and harnessing the human heart, opening it to new ideas. Science is emotion and loss, birth and death. Hard SF and soft SF are merely a sense of focus within a story, more literary than visual, and often depending on the point of view.

Science Tracks on Deck

Every year in the track we try and focus somewhat on the science. We begin every year talking about the latest science trends and this is always a popular panel. In addition, this year we will have a science experiments panel, talking about experiments that folks can do with their kids. Connected to this will be a Workshop class where kids can go and do that experiment. I am hoping folks will take advantage of this as it sounds like a lot of fun.

Over the next few months we will share Tech and Science stories on the blog. Space of course will be the focus, but we hope to have a variety of articles to share.

Rivets & Robots Out!

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