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Rivets & Robots to JordanCon and non-JordanCon people… no that stinks. No one talks like that.

Hey you potential lovers of science fiction!… no…

(watches more Lindsay Ellis)

People of the EARTH!

Welcome to the first Weirdsday blog for JordanCon 2019!

We have a lot to cover so I will try and keep the words to a minimum. We will be running the blog every week on Wednesday and hope you come along for the ride.

Setting Course For April

We typically get a lot of questions inquiring what the track is about or where we keep the robots. (Maybe I AM the robot?) The answer of course is that we keep them shut down and plugged in until we need them. But for those who don’t know, this should explain what we are trying to do.

Rivets & Robots attempts to expose our members to new voices and diverse ideas in Science Fiction while honoring traditional SF and its pop culture touchstones.

That is not always easy to do with so few panels and plenty of other things to do at JordanCon, but we are always happy with our content.  Of course we love to hear from the members what kind of SF they want to discuss. To that end we will be putting up some polls over the next few months to get your feedback. Keep your scanners focused.

Reading / Watch List

Here are books that you should read in preparation for next year and some shows you should watch. We have a strong and diverse flavor of options this year, from the short to the long and exotic to traditional.



  • Farscape
  • The Expanse
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Star Trek: Discovery
  • Star Wars Animated series

This is just a small taste of some of the great SF we will be discussing in 2019!

Read Along

Coming in October I will be leading us in a read along of the book Ancillary Justice(), by Anne Leckie. We will make our way through the book and share our impressions of it. If you have already read Ancillary Justice, great! Join us and offer your perspectives. If not, I really think you will enjoy the book.

For The Wheel of Time Fan

This year we will return to our series of panels tying in The Wheel of Time with science fiction. Sort of. When folks ask me what they she read if they have never tried SF, I tell them to read Dune. This is especially true if I know they are a WoT fan. Why? Pretty simple. “I tried to read Dune, but could not get through it.” Sound familiar? So many fans who adore the WoT have said that very thing when describing their first WoT experience. Well this year we will be luring you fantasy types into the lurid world of space opera, that borderland of fantasy and science fiction where all the temptations are found. And I will be using Frank Herbert’s Dune to do it.

Star Trek & Star Wars

Clearly we will not forgetting these fun staples of our core program either.

Fandom Smackdown

This year with a new format for much more fun. And prizes. Well, fun 🙂

That is it for this week. Keep an eye out for an announcement on some updates to the Rivets & Robots page on the JordanCon website! Our science focus will also begin next week, because people love science.

Rivets & Robots out!

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