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Silk Punk

Every year we strive to be more than just a track filled with ray guns and rockets. Diversity and social context have been mainstays of science fiction since its very beginning and we strive to continue that tradition. This year in particular we have three panels that we hope will broaden your horizons.

Africa is a continent with a long history of triumph and sorrow. Yet even in the depths of that sorrow, there are visionaries who see beyond the world view imposed on Africa and its descendants. Come talk about these visions and the hope they bring for a better tomorrow.
Sunday 1 p.m.

Silk PunkBright: Orcs in My Cop Procedural?
Bright is an interesting movie, which some people like and some loathe. Never the less it is an interesting combination of science and fantasy that is the latest of many stories linking our modern world with a fantastic one.
Friday 5:30 p.m.

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