In This Issue:
• Friday Fandom Smackdown!
• Star Wars Rebels
• Star Trek: Discovery
• Hugos

Space Battleship JordanCon!

So this year we are in for a real slugging match. The Honorverse brings its heavy missiles to bear against the ships of the Vorkosigan Saga! Come on and man the gunnery stations for your side! What is that you say? Not a fan yet? Well you WILL be by the end! There is something in this smackdown for veterans and recruits alike!

Friday Night at 8:30 p.m.! Come join in the carnage and then brag about it at Karaoke!

Sunday Specials

Did you think all the excitement ended on Saturday? Then you have clearly never been to one of our Star Wars panels. Our Sunday schedule for Rivets & Robots is always strong and great way to end to convention.

Star Wars Rebels: We have our Rebels Roundup discussing the finale season of this powerful show and where the future of Star Wars animation may be headed. 10 a.m.

Star Trek Discovery: Rebels has ended, but Star Trek Discovery is just beginning. Love it? Hate it? Love and hate it at the same time? Chances are you have an opinion on ST Discovery. I know the panelists definitely will.

News From the Stars

Rivets & Robots would like to wish all those who have been nominated for a Hugo Award (good luck! Lots of good nominees this year. Have you read or seen any of the nominees work? What are your thoughts?

Next week: More WHO and we talk about more of our great panels.

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