In This Issue:
• SF Theme Saturday: British Invasion!
• What to read to prepare for your Rivets & Robots panels this year

The British are Coming!

This year’s Saturday SciFi theme is the British Invasion! Everything from some Hard Science Fiction, to some British SF television esoterica, Of course you cannot talk about British SF without talking about.. Doctor Who! We have not one, but two Doctor Who panels back to back on Saturday.

Dr. Who: The 13th Doctor & Beyond: A discussion on the new Doctor and her series as well as a general look at the series and where it is headed. Come dressed as your favorite Doctor!

Sorting Hat: Dr. Who Edition: So you like Dr. Who? You like Harry Potter? You like sorting people into Houses? Well then come dressed as your favorite Doctor and prepare to discuss which Doctor would work in which house. We will be discussing all the Doctors!

Prepare to be Boarded!

Time for some great reading! Both of these books are a great read and will get you in the mood for your yearly dose of R&R.

On Basilisk Station By David Weber (

Shard’s of Honor By Lois McMaster Bujold (

Next week, we will talk about several of our other panels, so stay tuned!

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