Every winter we spend a few weekends creating and testing new drink recipes to share with our friends at JordanCon. Only the best recipes accompany us to Atlanta, usually only one or two. In early 2015, however, we had a particularly long, cold winter; as a result, we ended up with a handful of new recipes to share this past year at JordanCon 7.

“Oatcakes and Cream” is another of the drinks that came out of that long winter season: a drink designed to keep you warm and content through long dark evenings when the wind is blowing down from the mountains across the ruins of old Manetheren, blustering down the Old Road, curling around doorways and under coat flaps, when the snow is thick and crunchy under your feet, the bright moon silvery and cold in the sky as a mirror, and you hear the shivery howl of a wolf out across the chill waters of the Waterwood…

…Oh, sorry! Wandered off there. Where was I? Oh yes, a wonderfully tasty variant of a White Russian that is ideal for a winter’s night. Or Winternight. We’ve heard that the oatey-creamy goodness of this drink is indeed Bela-approved. And now, here’s the recipe! Chip says you should find this one much less complicated than our last recipe.


  • One part (a standard shot) of Kahlua, or other coffee-flavored liqueur of your choice
    A standard shot is about 1.5 ounces of liquor.
  • One part (or a standard shot) of Corsair’s “Oatrage” Whiskey
  • 2 parts (3 oz. for those of you keeping score) of Half ‘n Half coffee creamer
    You can use another type of coffee creamer or even milk instead if you wish. The nice thing about using coffee creamer is that it is easy to obtain in most hotels!
  • Two ice cubes
Corsair’s website says Oatrage whiskey is only available seasonally, but we’ve been able to find it most of the time here in Nashville. (Nonetheless, it never hurts to pick it up whenever you run across it, just in case.) And there may be similar oat whiskeys available elsewhere; this is just the one we favor for this drink.

Add your ingredients in order to a standard Old Fashioned glass. First add in the Kahlua, then the whiskey, then the coffee creamer. Add the ice, stir, and serve!

What’s an Old Fashioned glass? An Old Fashioned glass, also known as a “lowball glass” or “rocks glass” is a short tumbler used for serving whisky with ice cubes (“on the rocks”). It is also normally used to serve certain cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, from which it receives its name. Old Fashioned glasses typically have a wide brim and a thick base, so that the non-liquid ingredients of a cocktail can be mashed using a muddler before the main liquid ingredients are added. They typically contain 6-10 US fluid ounces.

Now that Winter finally seems to be making its presence known, our R&D season here at the Nine Horse Hitch is just beginning. And we still have one or two more recipes to share with you from this past year, so be watching for those soon. In the meantime, may your New Year be filled with happiness and tasty surprises.

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