Twenty-five years ago “The Eye of the World” was first published, featuring everyone’s favorite sheepherder, Rand al’Thor. To commemorate that event, we thought it would be a great time to publish our recipe for JordanCon’s version of a White Russian, called, fittingly enough, a Sheepherder. A rich tasting drink that’s slightly chocolatey, yet not too sweet, it’s just the right drink to sit down with as you start your latest re-read.

Of course, you can’t have saidin without saidar. If you like your world a little darker, skip on down to our Black Ajah recipe!


  • 2 ounces of Vodka
    Chip prefers prefers Smirnoff Silver because it blends well and is pretty neutral, taste-wise.
  • 2 ounces of Kahlua, or other coffee-flavored liqueur of your choice
  • 2 ounces of milk, cream, or half-and-half
    Chip recommends half-and-half since it makes for a lighter taste on the palate.

Put 2 oz. of Vodka and 2 oz. of Kahlua in an 8-10 oz. Old Fashioned glass. Add 2 oz. of half-and-half, drop in a couple of ice cubes, and you’re ready to serve. Now that will help you chill out after a long day of protecting the flock!

What’s an Old Fashioned glass? An Old Fashioned glass, also known as a “lowball glass” or “rocks glass” is a short tumbler used for serving whisky with ice cubes (“on the rocks”). It is also normally used to serve certain cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, from which it receives its name. Old Fashioned glasses typically have a wide brim and a thick base, so that the non-liquid ingredients of a cocktail can be mashed using a muddler before the main liquid ingredients are added. They typically contain 6-10 US fluid ounces.

Black Ajah

For those of you who aren’t into the Light, use the instructions above but skip the half-and-half. If your heart is truly black, toss in a shot of espresso. All Hail the Great Lord!


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