Smoke and Fire! Created by request for The Dragon Reborn, this is a drink that elicits comments like “This thing’ll kill me!” Technically it is a mixed drink, because Chip takes two whiskeys and mixes them. One of the key ingredients is serrano chili peppers, so it is also quite spicy. So…be careful, and drink with caution.

As usual, he prefers to mix them in parts:

  • 1 part Corsair Triple Smoke whiskey
    A smoky whiskey has a dry peaty taste, like an Islay malt. Chip cuts this one with the other whiskey since most people don’t like it quite as peaty as he does.
  • 1 part Johnny Walker Red whiskey
    This blended Scotch is specifically designed for mixing.
  • 4 – 1/8″ thick slices of serrano pepper
    Grab a cutting board, a knife, and one pepper. Cut the pepper in 1/8″ slices.
Before you cut the pepper, put on gloves. Pepper juice has ruined several sets of Chip’s contacts. The juice is actually capsaicin oil and is notoriously hard to wash off, even with soap and water. If you accidentally touch parts of your body with the capsaicin still on your hands – well, let’s just say you’ll only forget to wear gloves once.

Put all the ingredients (including the pepper slices) in a shaker with 4 big pieces of cubed ice. Remember the ice tray your granny used to have that made the really big ice cubes? That’s the size you want.

Shake well till your shaker turns cold and then pour into a glass to serve.

As with The Battle Ajah from last week, you’ll want to use an actual glass container, not one made of plastic or waxed cardboard.

Take off the gloves and throw them away unless you are making another round. Sit back and enjoy – you’ve earned it!


For the full taste experience of Smoke and Fire – think Dumai’s Wells’ level of smoke and fire – Chip says this next bit is the MOST important part. Before you drink your Double Dragon, take a piece of your serrano pepper and “rim” the glass with it. Remember, that just means taking a pepper slice and swiping it around the rim of the glass.

The capsaicin helps attune your taste buds to different flavor notes in the whiskeys. WOW! This final step makes this drink taste super top shelf.

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