This drink could easily be called a “spicy” Appletini, but ours has a special little kick to it, thanks to the “secret ingredient.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you! It’s green, slightly fiery, and will take you by surprise – no wonder it’s Alanna Mosvani’s favorite cocktail!

Shake the following ingredients together with ice (or have your Warders do it):

  • 1 part dry vermouth
    You can also split 1/2 sweet with 1/2 dry vermouth if your tastes swing more that way.
  • 2 parts good vodka
  • 1 part apple cider
    You can use apple juice instead, but Chip doesn’t recommended it if you already used sweet vermouth in the recipe.
  • 1/2 part Bang Candy Company Habanero lime syrup
    Secret Ingredient! Ajahs do love keeping secrets! Of course, Greens are not particularly good at that….so here’s where you can buy your own.

Serve in a glass martini glass. If you do not have a martini glass, send yourself off to the Mistress of Novices for punishment. Or just use some other type of glass and send the Warders off for punishment.

Whatever you do, don’t use paper or plastic to serve this drink. It won’t end well.

Spicy and satisfying — just the way we like it! Enjoy.

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