JordanCon is a Science Fiction/Fantasy literature convention founded in honor of Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time. Taking place each April in Atlanta, GA, JordanCon is a tax exempt 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, whose proceeds benefit the Mayo Clinic.


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Interview with Robert J. Schwalb

An interview with Robert J. Schwalb, game designer and author of Shadow of the Demon Lord, the RPG, about his work on D&D 5E, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Punkapolcalytic, and his up coming Shadow of the Mad Wizard Role Playing Game. We discuss various topics related to his experience in game design as well as some exciting info about his upcoming product, Shadow of the Mad Wizard. Find out more about the Shadow of the Demon Lord and other exciting games at

To FTL or Not to FTL

Writers Track – “A Discussion of popular Sci-Fi tropes and how they can shape a story by merely including or excluding them.” Panelists: A.K. DuBoff, Alex Hughes, Nicole Kurtz, Diana Pho. Moderator: Richard Fife.

The Writing Process

Writers Track – Faith Hunter and David B Coe talk about their writing processes, talking about a wide variety of tools and methods they use when starting a project and some of the lessons they’ve learned during their long careers. Co-Moderators: Richard Fife and Robby Hilliard


tWoTcast LIVE (but not really) for JordanCOnline! Featuring Jono, Joe, and Tom. Join us for a discussion with special guest Alan Romanczuk of Team Jordan editor of tWoT! Theme song by Taffy Bennington!

Stained Glass Workshop

Workshop Track – Master Stained Glass Artisan Leia Powell has been a JordanCon regular for nearly a decade. Her stained glass dragons and faeries live in our homes and our hearts, and who could forget last year’s Art Show People’s Choice Award winner – “The Florentine Carousel?” When JordanCon decided to go virtual with a variety of different panels and even adapting the gaming track, the Workshop Track team reached out to Leia to see if she could whip something up for us all. She took the better part of a Sunday in her locked down workshop, Wildcat Mountain Artistry, and recorded this treat for us. Feel free to leave any questions for Leia and she will be sure to answer as quick as she can. Enjoy and please leave her some feedback! Wildcat Mountain Artistry on Facebook and Etsy.

Got Slush?

Four editors look at anonymously submitted first pages to stories and give their honest, often harsh, but always constructive thoughts. A rare look into the minds of acquiring editors facing the slush pile.
Writers Track – Panelists: Debra Dixon, Venessa Giunta, John Hartness, Melissa McArthur Moderator: Richard Fife