Announcing: Homecoming Mums! Info and Survey

In honor of our #JCon10 theme - The Return - and our Homecoming Dance, we're offering an amazing new workshop this year - Homecoming Mums! This poll is to help us plan so we'll have enough workshop supplies on hand to go around.

Here are the details:
In case you aren't from Texas and are wondering what in the world this mum thing is about, there's a panel for you! At 5 p.m., our Mum Team will host an informative panel entitled Mums: What in the World?

Exclusive Excerpt of "Elsewhere" by Blue Cole, JordanCon 10 Author Guest

This year's Author Guests are a veritable who's who of fantasy and sci-fi literature, and we're proud to have among them Blue Cole, a Georgia resident and prolific writer with a flair for fantasy storytelling that's hard to beat.

At this year's event, he'll be releasing his latest novel, Elsewhere, and to help everyone prepare, we have two exclusive excerpts from his book. You won't find this anywhere else.

A Newbie’s Survival Guide to JordanCon

by Guest Blogger Leslie Annis

We've compiled a hit list for newbies to ensure they get the most out of their whirlwind JordanCon weekend. (And a whirlwind weekend it will be, in the best of ways—trust!)

When you think JordanCon, you probably think Wheel of Time, but it’s far more than that. One thing that surprises many newbies is how many con-attendees haven’t even finished reading the series. In fact, you can go all weekend without talking WoT at all! If you’re intimidated by attending solo, think of bringing a non-Wheel-of-Time-reading friend—there are plenty of things to do that are not Wheel of Time specific, and JordanCon is a family friendly convention with lots to offer.

Remember: everyone's out to have a good time, and you'll come away from a sensational weekend feeling like you've met family you didn't know you had.

Why You Should Come to JordanCon

by Guest Blogger Leslie Annis

It’s that time of year again!

Okay... you got me... it’s not quite April yet, but it’s that time when we start shamelessly promoting our shiny weekend that is JordanCon, in the hopes of sharing our communal merriment with Wheel of Time friends far and wide—those we’ve met and those we hope to meet.

Seriously, yo. Come and play. It’s a sweet time, and one you won't regret. The more we get together the merrier, faster, stronger, and the partier we’ll be.

Or something like that...