Writers' Track

Feature: Writer's Track

Are you a writer? We have a lot of great panels that can help you with your writing.

Worldbuilding with History
Self Publishing
Magic Systems
Writer's workshop
How to write humorously
Manuscript to bookshelf
How to write an opening
Making a real future
PItch Crtiqiue
Writing with all 5 senses

Come pick up some tips from our guest authors!

Writers' Workshop "Pre-reg"

Are you a writer looking for constructive feedback on something you've written? Are you planning on attending the Writer's Workshop panel on Friday night @ JordanCon? We're doing this a bit differently this year to ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience (and I'm sure everyone who attended this last year will tell you it was fantastic!). As such, I'd like to give our authors the opportunity to read your submissions prior to the convention to maximize their feedback for you!