JordanCon 2015

The GoH Book Club: Pre-reading Post 1

So, let's get one thing straight, right from the start. I HATE being told what to read. I read like a maniac and I love people recommending books, but I really DESPISE being told that I HAVE to read something. That's my biggest problem with Book Clubs in the real world. It was a huge problem while I was in school.

Why am I telling you this? Because I'm going to spend a few days finding recommendations for you so that you don't feel like I'm telling you what to read. Why is that important? Because I actually want you to read this book. Seriously, I want you to READ this book!

Announcing the Guest of Honor Book Club!

JordanCon is trying something new this year. We've got a really great Author Guest of Honor, Saladin Ahmed, with a really great book that we love. So we're going to host a book club style read of Throne of the Crescent Moon, the Hugo nominated first novel in the Crescent Moon Kingdoms trilogy. Each week, Tiffany Franklin, the director of our Fantasy literature track will read two chapters of the book and post her thoughts in a dedicated blog on this site. We've set up a Facebook Group for comments and discussion.