Become a Bird Whisperer!

A unique opportunity to make a drawing or painting under the direction of both founding members of the Bird Whisperer Project! Workshop participants may admit their bird art into the official Bird Whisperer Project post for the month of April. Learn how each artist's bird drawing becomes a personal expression of self, and get tips on how you can do it, too!

This is the workshop section of Friday's "Meet the Bird Whisperer!" presentation. Attendance of that panel is not required to attend the workshop.

Class limited to 10 people.
Each participant will be supplied with paper, pencil, eraser, 12 color pencils, and a set of watercolor pans, all to take home after the workshop. Supplies are $10.00. Pre-register at the link below.


Schedule info

Time slot: 
2017 April 23, 13:00
Time slot: 
2017 April 23, 14:30
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