JordanCon Eternal Membership

If you see a red error above, please log in. Also, each membership you plan on purchasing requires a separate account to already be created (you can buy multiple at once, but each one requires an account). Please bear with us as we work out the kinks in the new system. We want to allow you to do these things at the required time, not prior to purchasing, however we need Perrin to beat the kinks flat with his hammer.

You are bound to the Horn of Valere, to be spun out at each and every JordanCon.


  • Membership to every JordanCon
  • Free Con t-shirt every year
  • If you do not attend a year, JordanCon will mail you your program, badge, and t-shirt

Any other benefits added to the Eternal Membership will be added to all Eternal Members.

By accepting a JordanCon badge, you consent to the Jordancon Harassment Policy. You waive all claims and hold harmless JordanCon, Inc., its officers, and its staff, and its volunteers for any claims arising from noncriminal errors or omissions, and from claims arising from the acts of third parties, including but not limited to other attendees or venue facilities or venue staff. You expressly acknowledge that your attendance at the JordanCon event is at your own risk, and that JordanCon, Inc. expressly disclaims any liability arising from, and any responsibility for, known or unknown allergens contained in food, costumes, furniture, animal life, or any other source found on or near the premises of the JordanCon event.

You are responsible for, and you agree to indemnify JordanCon, Inc. for any claims arising from, any and all damage you cause to the property of Jordancon, Inc., or any third parties, including but not limited to other attendees, the venue, or bystanders. You further understand that any violation of Jordancon rules will result in the loss of your membership and badge. You acknowledge that access to all JordanCon functions requires a validly-issued JordanCon badge worn in plain sight. Jordancon, Inc. is under no obligation to replace missing, stolen, or lost badges.

You consent to the use by JordanCon, Inc., of any photographic image accurately depicting your presence at the JordanCon event, except that no image which depicts your use of alcohol or realistic simulation of violence shall be used without your prior permission.

These provisions are inherent to the rights and privileges associated with access to JordanCon, and are binding upon any person to whom you transfer your access.