Art Show Programming at JordanCon 7

Since we have a much larger venue this year, for the first time we are able to offer Art and Dealer Hall related programming in it's very own, dedicated space within Salon A. Salon A is where you'll find the Art Show- along with our fantastic Artist Guest of Honor Todd Lockwood - the Dealer Hall, and, now, Art Show programming.

Now that the schedule is available online, we thought it would be a great time to give you a bit more "insider" info on the programming we have in store. Read on!


Win, Lose or Draw
The Art Show and Dealer Hall will open at 2:30 PM, right after Opening Ceremonies, but our first programming event for the convention will be "Win, Lose, or Draw" at 4 PM. This event was specifically requested by our Artist GoH as a fun warm-up for the convention and we think it's a great idea. It's going to work similarly to the board game "Pictionary," but the two teams will include two artists on each side. The other two team members for each team will be picked from the audience, so if you are already at the convention, and you want to kick off your weekend with a good time, be sure to come over to Salon A and help them out. If the contest alone wasn't enough, we hear Jeff Jarvis will be our MC for the event, so if nothing else come help him heckle our contestants.
(Participants: Paul Bielaczyc, Mike Bielaczyc, Jeff Jarvis, Todd Lockwood, Isaac Stewart)

Todd Lockwood Kaffeeklatsch
There will be a small (12-person) kaffeeklatsch for Todd Lockwood right after Win, Lose or Draw. The kaffeeklatsch will not be in Salon A; rather, it will be in the dedicated track room for kaffeeklatsches. Since this is a pretty small one, you'll want to sign up early if you want to quiz Todd about his cover for The Gathering Storm ebook cover.
(Participant: Todd Lockwood)

And that's it for Friday. But don't worry, Saturday is going to be packed.


Creating Parts of the Pattern
On Saturday, we start off the day bright and early in Salon A with a panel hosted by Ta'veren Tees that discusses the process by which their team brings Wheel of Time collectibles and art to production. Several of the licensed Wheel of Time artists will be in attendance, so if you want to know all about the process that gave us that gorgeous Wheel of Time calendar, not to mention all those wonderful shirts - PLUS get to hear first about their new top-secret projects - make sure you check out this panel.
(Participants: Edsel Arnold, Elaine Brinson, Ariel Burgess, Jeffrey Daniel, Kiley Daniel, Sophie Decaudin, Joe O'Hara)

From Reference to Final
At 11:30 AM, we're bringing in another new idea for our art-related programming. If you're an artist yourself - or even just a fan of art - you've probably wondered how professional artists go from that initial concept to delivering a beautiful work of art that you want to own. Our four panelists will each give you a 15-minute window into their work process, starting from the beginnings of an idea all the way to the finished piece, and discussing tools, techniques and things learned along the way. You'll come away with a new appreciation for the many different ways in which these artists approach their work and maybe some inspiration of your own.
(Participants: Edsel Arnold, Michael Bielaczyc, Ariel Burgess, Melissa Gay)

JordanCon's First Ever "Iron Artist" Competition
How's this for an idea? We take six half-starved artists who haven't been fed since breakfast, put them in a room with some art supplies, then tell them they have an hour or so to create an original work of art around a theme you've only just told them about. No pressure. And your judges will be the harshest critics ever - everyone who stops by to watch (and vote). Best of all, whatever they create goes into the charity auction for us to bid on. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Come by at 1 PM to see how it all works out. Only one of them can be JordanCon's Iron Artist!
(Participants: A.L. Ashbaugh, Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, Sam Flegal, Melissa Gay, Ben McSweeney)

Todd Lockwood Retrospective
At 2:30 PM in Salon A, we have the main event - a retrospective (and possibly introspective) look at Todd Lockwood's body of work. If you've ever played DnD, Magic: The Gathering, dallied in Forgotten Realms, journeyed to the Realms of Dragonlance, or followed the adventures of Drizzt, you've seen Todd's work. If you've read works by R.A. Salvatore, Joel Rosenberg or Tanith Lee, you've likely seen his work. And then there was that ebook cover for a little book called The Gathering Storm. You've seen his work, but come to this panel and you will see it in an entirely new way.
(Participant: Todd Lockwood)

That closes out programming in Salon A for the weekend, but we have one more event you'll want to queue up for in the Kaffeeklatsch track.

Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney Kaffeeklatsch
This session takes place in Tyler, where the other kaffeeklatsches will be, but since Isaac and Ben are two artists near and dear to the hearts of any Brandon Sanderson fan, we knew you'd want a heads up on this event. Remember, you have to sign up in advance for these sessions. Check the panel listing (linked above) for more details.
(Participants: Isaac Stewart, Ben McSweeney)


On Sunday the Art Show and Dealer Hall will be busy with final sales, so there will be no programming scheduled. Salon A will be open for final sales from 10 AM until 2:30 PM on Sunday. Make sure you stop by before 2:30 PM to pick up any items you won in the Art Show Silent Auction, your convention shirt, or to make those last minute purchases in the Print Shop and Dealer Hall. After that, we're gone til next year!

We hope you've enjoyed this little preview of what we have in store this year. See you next week!