The JordanCon Art Show - 2013 WrapUp

JordanCon V was a fantastic success and an amazing good time! Our goal was to double the amount the Art Show sends to the Mayo Clinic this year, and we quadruped it, with a total donation of over $575 to fund Mayo’s Amyloidosis research. We wanted to have some art-related programming this year, and we fielded not one, not two, not even three, but seven – SEVEN - separate events, including a retrospective of Michael Whelan career, led by the man himself, panels on Wheel of Time art and a panel featuring the Stormlight Archives artists. We wanted more people to vote for the Art Show’s People’s Choice awards and we had more than double the completed ballots we had in 2012. All in all, JordanCon V was memorable on so many levels, not the least of which was having the inestimable Michael Whelan as our Artist Guest of Honor.

Topping all of that is going to be really, really hard – but you know already we’re going to try. As we do.

JordanCon is thrilled to announce that our Artist Guest of Honor in 2014 will be Larry Elmore, widely known for the beautiful cover art and interior illustrations he created during his career at TSR – essentially setting the standard for gaming art in the role-playing genre. Besides creating memorable covers for Dungeons & Dragons, AD&D, Star Frontiers and other gaming books, he is also widely recognized for his work with the world of Dragonlance, his covers for "Dragon" magazine, his work for White Wolf and Game Designer’s Workshop, and a hundred other such projects during his 40+-year career. Wheel of Time fans will instantly recognize his hand in several of the images for the Wheel of Time collectible card game.

Equally awesome is the news that Patrick Rothfuss will be our Author Guest of Honor.

If you would also like to be a part of the JordanCon 2014 (JordanCon VI) Art Show, you will need to register a user account on this site to purchase your display space. The Art Show registration form for JordanCon 2014 will go live sometime in late summer or early fall of 2013. Keep an eye on this page and also join the JordanCon Facebook page for an upcoming launch announcement. As in 2013, we will be awarding a Judge’s Choice award at the end of the show, as well as three People’s Choice awards selected by the attendees of JordanCon.

Speaking of awards, I'd be remiss if I neglected to announce our winners for JordanCon V:

Judge's Choice Award:
Edsel Arnold for "Selene"

* The Judge's Choice Award is selected each year by the Art Show Directors and our Artist Guest of Honor.

People's Choice Award, Best Wheel of Time Art
Joe O'Hara for "The Last Battle"

People's Choice Award, Best Non-Wheel of Time Art
Paul Bielaczyc for "Counter This"

People's Choice Award, Best 3D Art
Linda Taglieri for "Four Faces of a Volcano"

* The People's Choice Awards are selected each year by the attendees of JordanCon

Art Demonstrations/Workshops

We may have space where attending artists can work, alone or with other artists, or host talks, demonstrations or small workshops. Please contact us at if you’d like to go ahead and put something on the con schedule next year.