JordanCon 6 Game - Ta'veren Ties

Rules for the Game:

  • Ribbons must be purchased from our Ebou Dari Widow or from Tylin’s stash in the Art Show. The whole point is to raise money for the Mayo Clinic’s Amyloidosis Fund. And all proceeds for this event will be donated to Mayo.
  • Mat cosplayers may NOT buy ribbons for themselves. (He was lucky, but he didn’t cheat.)
  • Ribbons will be sold at $1 per foot, or $3 for a yard. For a $20 donation, you can buy a whole roll, but there will be a limited supply of these.
  • The Widow ONLY accepts cash.
  • Ribbons will be sold by the Widow, or via Tylin’s personal stash in the Art Show. They can only be sold between 4 PM Friday and Saturday at 7 PM.
  • The game ends just before the Saturday Dance Party, where winners will be announced.
  • Ribbons may be tied on or possibly clipped with a small clip. No one is allowed to stick Mat Cauthon with a pin or hog tie him...except Tylin.
  • Regardless of where you stand in the endless debate over what happened between Tylin and Mat, remember, COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. This is a game. Let’s keep it fun for everyone and not awkward and weird.

To participate as one of our sacrificial lam…err, contestants, come by the Art Show in your Mat costume and sign up between Friday at 2:30 PM and 7 PM Saturday. You don’t have to have a complete costume, but the general look should be recognizable as Mat.

Let the game begin!