JordanCon Book Release!!!

One of our very own guests, A.R. Cook, will be releasing her next book this very weekend at JordanCon! It's an extra special release because it's the first in her new series! Be sure to pick up a copy at the con and get it signed!

"The Secrets of the Moonstone Heir: Book One of The Scale Seekers"

by A.R. Cook

Desert Rain is an heir to one of the Salamandrian Sages, the Moon Dragoness. She has inherited the dragon’s mystical powers, but she refuses to ever use them, making her fearful to interact with the outside world- that is, save her friend Ayu, a Wretched who has lost his memories and has slowly been recovering in Desert Rain’s care.
When Desert Rain suddenly stumbles upon Ayu’s lost memories and returns them to him, the Wretched’s true nature is awakened: he is a Distortionist with an insatiable drive to transform the land of Luuva Gros into his twisted vision. Desert Rain, feeling responsible for her friend’s shift to madness, pursues him to stop the spread of his Distortion. With the help of a lizard disguised as human, a Quetzalin bird girl, and the mighty Swordmaster, Desert Rain begins a quest unlike any she’s ever faced that could change Luuva Gros and everyone in it forever.

The e-book is currently available for $0.99 on Amazon.