Now Hiring: WoT Track Director

Hello friends! We have begun a search for a new Director for the World of the Wheel at JordanCon. Jennifer Halbman, our current track director, will be moving on to help with overall programming, so you've not seen the last of her!

Being a track director is an intense job, but in the end you pretty much get to set up a track full of panels you'd want to see within the genre. We're looking for someone who is passionate about the Wheel of Time, that will nurture and grow this core track. Besides having a vision and direction they want to take the track, we have a few other requirements for this position:
- Extremely comfortable with Google Docs
- Pre-planning occurs online so we need someone who is online frequently and able to navigate *extremely advanced technology like Facebook Groups and Google Hangouts
- Ability to play nice with others
- Recruit some panelists/guests for track
- Organized

Please include the following in your application:
Real name
Number of times attended JordanCon
Convention experience
Why would you be a good fit as a JordanCon Track Director?
How would you improve this track?
You can apply by sending applications to and .