Author Guest, Leia Powell

Leia Powell, Author Guest

L. R. Barrett-Durham (aka Leia Powell) has been producing stained glass masterpieces for nearly twenty years. Licensed by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., she is first stained glass artist in history to be the sole licensee to create glass art of an author’s trademarked characters. She was given the great honor of both the Polly Freas Viewer’s Choice and Best 2-D art awards at LibertyCon28. She is also the maker of the JordanCon stained glass dragon!

L. R. is an established author who's written more than half a dozen novels in varying genres, including urban, epic fantasy, paranormal romance, sci-fi, horror and children's literature. Her newest novel The Adventures of Little Lei-Lei: Toil and Trouble has been praised far and wide as the gateway book for children rediscovering their imagination. You can always find her in our Dealer’s Room!