Convention Schedule

The schedule is currently being tested with previous year panels. Please stay tuned for this year's schedule.

Friday 1pm - 2pm

Let's see if I can make something here

What about line carriage?

Saturday 1:30pm

Big fan of Bob? Bigger fan of the Za Lord? Come chat about what's up in Chicago! About what you ask? Come join us and you'll find out!

Saturday 4:30pm - 5:30pm

The Force Awakened last year and now we're mourning the loss of Rogue 1. The Teaser Trailer dropped last week, too! How do these "fit" and what's coming next?

Saturday 10pm - 11pm

Our friends at E&D Games will run a pre-release just for us! Seating is limited, get to the game pavilion to sign up!

Sunday 1:30pm - 2:30pm

A discussion about the diferences in how our main boys and girls coped with life in a female-dominated world.

Sunday 3pm - 4pm

Readings by Author Guests Milton Davis and Jana Oliver