Writers' Workshop and Slush Panel Sign-ups

For JordanCon 10, we have two great workshop events designed specifically for writers to come together and grow their craft: the Writers' Workshop and JordanCon's Got Slush. Preregistration is necessary for both. Here's what you need to know.

JordanCon's Got Slush

Friday, April 20 starting at 4 p.m., Writers' Track
Submissions capped at: 1 per participant
Word count: 600 or less
Toss the opening pages of your project into the slush pile for our esteemed panelists to critique! If you've ever wanted real-time feedback on your opening, this is the best way to get it. Submissions will be pulled anonymously during the panel, read by a moderator and discussed by panelists. All content must be submitted prior to the panel using our form. The moderator will review as many submissions as possible in the allotted time. Writers, please limit yourself to one submission so we have time to get to as many different participants as possible.
Submit your work for the Slush panel HERE.

Writers' Workshop 2018

Friday, April 20 starting at 8:30 p.m., Writers' Track
Submissions capped at: 27
Word count: 1,000 or less
This immersive panel is free to attend, but writers who plan to participate must submit their work in advance. Submissions are capped at 1,000 words. Participants will be paired with panelists and sorted into groups to discuss their projects, share tips and improve their work. Feedback is everything!
Submit your work for the Writer's Workshop HERE.

We'll see you at JordanCon! Need a membership? Visit the Store now.