Team Jordan Interview Question #4 & #3

Some of the food described in the books sound absolutely mouthwatering. Is there any WoT food you have always wanted to taste? Mine would definitely be Marin al’Vere’s honeycakes.

Alan: Ice pepper-infused oosquai; some of the ales that Mat enjoyed; and any of the vintages of wine served at the Anseline Gardens during the Age of Legends.

Harriet: I’ve always had a hankering for Ice peppers.

Maria: I would like to try Enid’s gilded fish, which Mat ate in Ebou Dar, especially if it was served with oysters and cream, as it sometimes was.

The cultures of this world are so robust. Do you have a favorite? If you could live among any of the societies (in any Age), which would it be?

Alan: That’s easy. Seanchan, because it is the only nation that serves kaf.

Harriet: All of them. Forever. I do want some streith.

Maria: I really like the Borderland cultures, especially Shienar, since we really get to see more of that. And I love the Two Rivers; I think I would feel at home there, and be happy with all the sheep, as long as the Trollocs didn’t come calling.