Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday: The Somewhat Big Announcement

I know folks have been waiting to see (or hear) what this year's Fandom Smackdown is going to be. There were a lot of options actually but there was one that kept coming up in conversation that seemed the right fit. Especially in terms of current fandom. So without further delay...

...but let's wait a second. No need to go so fast, right? After all the Internet has perfected the art of making the reader wait, why not tap into that. Let us talk about why we have the Fandom Smackdown in the first place.

My own philosophy towards panels and especially the SF panels on the Rivets track is to take a serious look at Science Fiction from a literary, cinematic, and scientific point of view. I tend to be a pretty serious person and if you corner me and ask my opinion, you will get a long and convoluted tale connecting the pyramids, Calculus, and Stevie Nicks. This is great, but people come to JordanCon to have fun, to meet with their tribe, and enjoy their weekend. A few people reminded me that having fun panels was something to consider. So one of the fun ideas I had and found some resonance with folks, was the Fandom Smackdown. And with Star Trek and Star Wars movies coming out, those two fandoms made perfect sense for the inaugural Smackdown.

We had a great response and turn out. There were a few hiccups but we learned a lot and this year will be much smoother.

So okay now.. without any further delays... this year's Fandom Smackdown will be a battle between two Fandom heavy weights. Two fandoms that have sparked debates, ruined friendships and marriages, and nearly lead to war between two factions who believe in ancient Atlantis.

DC vs. Marvel

Now the format has not been entirely decided. Those details are still being worked on, but it will again be team based. So start getting those teams together!

But wait, there is MORE! The name of the Smackdown is going to have a slight change. It will now be called the Friday Fandom Smackdown! Exciting, am I right? Obviously it will be taking place Friday night so come hang with us while we determine who has the best Ka in their Ka-Pow!

Viva Las Venus

So continuing the theme of fun, Saturday night we will be having our Viva Las Venus! Panel and social. Come dressed as your favorite SF persona and be ready to talk about some of the sexier and darker sides of Science Fiction. After we get done with the panel proper, we can wander over to the bar and the dance and bring some Futurism to the festivities.

Fire with Fire

Just remember this week we start our Group Read of Charles E. Gannon's Fire wit Fire. We will start with the first few chapters, 1 to 4. So get reading and come with your questions and thoughts!