Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday Fire with Fire Part 2, Panels, and Science

So another week and another dive into the world of Science Fiction. Side by side with that, is always the dive into Science Fact, which is very important to keep in mind as it informs our storytelling. Whether in strict adherence to the laws of physics or in blatant contradiction of them, the science of the real world plays an important role for SF creators and their audiences. In a very real sense the content we create for the Rivets & Robots track is designed to please you, our audience. Even if you are not a fan of the core material of JordanCon, but are a SF fan we aim to have a powerful and fun track you can enjoy all weekend long. So let us know how we are doing. Feedback is always welcome and helps us make better programming.

Okay so let us look at a few panels from this year that I feel encompass what we aim to create with the track.

Science Facts -2016-2017

We did this last year and it will open our track programming going forward. We can never forget the science that informs our science fiction so getting to that quickly can set the tone for our entire weekend.

Lost Voices of SF

There are many SF greats that elude the modern reader/viewer and this is something we try hard to correct. Connecting you to "new" SF that is really old SF gives the audience new universes to explore and keeps the memory of these folk alive. We also will not shy away from some of the controversy associated with some of these folks; it is important to acknowledge who they are and the times they lived.

Group Read Through: Fire with Fire:

We are moving onto Chapters 5 to 11. So go ahead and make sure you have read that far! The next conversation will happen on Friday, February 3rd. That is in two (2) days. So get your reading on!

That is all for today. Have something Weirdnesday you want to share? email us at sciencefiction@jordancon.org