Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday!

Welcome to the Weirdnesday blog! We took a week off, but are back and better than ever. Actually we had a nice piece of kismet today, with the blog coming out on the same day as an exciting NASA announcement. So let's not get bogged down in a big intro, instead let us jump right to it.

Trappist - 1

So today NASA announced that they found a solar system with seven (7) terrestrial exoplanets. Three of these worlds reside within the habitable zone, where water can in theory exist. This is pretty exciting for SF readers and writers and storytellers, as it is an example of a solar system that before could only be hypothesized or considered a flight of fancy. Now we have concrete evidence to support the idea of solar systems like this one. What stories might come out of this discovery? Does this affect SF in the same way it has affected science? What are your thoughts?

Here is the NASA story link

Fire with Fire Group Read Through

So we have decided to just let folks read through the novel and in March, we will have a large set of posts. I will work with our GoH Chuck Gannon on the best way to break down the book and we can have a week long discussion of the various parts. That should people plenty of time to read Fire with Fire and have questions to ask Chuck, who has been a fantastic sport about sharing time with us as a group.

Stay tuned here for more details.
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Caine's Mutiny

Speaking of Charles E. Gannon, did you know he has a new book out? Caine's Mutiny is his latest novel featuring Caine Riordan and his adventures. Check it out along with all of our GoH's books.

Panels: Streaming Atmo: The Past, Present, and Future of Military SF

I am excited to talk about this panel as we will have several great panelists. Military SF is a personal love of mine and I enjoy reading, watching, and playing in any universe that embraces the genre. We touched on tis topic last year too, but I wanted to have a more in depth discussion this year. Make sure you are at JordanCon on Friday in time to join us for the discussion. And bring a healthy task group of battleships to back up your opinions.

That is all for this week. We will be back next week with more of everything...