Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday

As you may have noticed, we are starting a blog dedicated to the Science Fiction Track, known as Rivets & Robots. The idea is to connect with the SF fans who come to JordanCon and those who may not know that we in fact do have SF content at the convention. The R&R track focuses on science fiction, which is a wide area to touch on in both literature and cinema. Throw in television and art and there is a ton of material for us to tap into.

Yet SF is more than lasers, time travel, and tin foil go go boots. Since the beginning it has been a genre full of social commentary and the stories of the future in a given period of our history are often a brilliant core sample of what people were thinking at the time. This is something I really wanted to inject into the track. We can see the ever changing direction of our societies in the literature and cinema and art that we produce.

Let's never forget though, that there needs to be some science in our science fiction. So the track has a tradition of talking about the science in our real world and our speculative worlds. This trend will continue.

So without any more of a monologue from me, let's talk some R&R news:

  • Have you heard about the Book Read for 2017? If not check out our previous blog for that announcement. Hint: it is Chuck Gannon's Fire with Fire.
  • If you are looking for more literature to read before the con that may have some relevance, check out Octavia Butler and Clark Ashton Smith.
  • Interested in cinema? Look into Apocalyptic Cinema as we might be discussing that some.
  • As always if you have suggestions, questions, or are a bit of expert and interested in being on a panel feel free to email me: sciencefiction@jordancon.org

    Stay Weird