New Drinks for JordanCon 7

Those of you attending Jordancon 7 are probably already thinking about all the fun things you'll get to do and see next weekend - the fantastic guests, the panels, the dance party, seeing friends both old and new - but, as usual, there is so much more that you won't even find out about until you get there. So, we've decided to give you a few hints. Three, to be exact.

Our resident mixologist has been hard at work mixing and sampling delicious (and beautiful) new alcoholic beverages for us to enjoy at this year's convention. From the many he's tried, Chip has come up with three he's planning to share at JordanCon. (Plus one more whose recipe is so super-secret we can't even mention it exists before the con. You'll just have to wait.) Rather than give away all our secrets before you can sample them, we thought we'd just give you a teaser. We'll post photos (and recipes) later, after Jordancon, of course, but for now we can at least give you the names:

1. The Gathering Storm
2. The Silver Circuit
3. Oatcakes and Cream

What do you think these three drinks contain? What do you think they'll look like? You'll all find out after next week.

See you soon, JordanCon!