JordanCon welcomes Doctor Michael Livingston

Michael Livingston holds degrees in History, Medieval Studies, and English. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor of English at The Citadel. In his academic life, he has published articles on Tolkien and Joyce, investigated European maps of America that pre-date Columbus, found unrecorded Anasazi ruins and artifacts, and has edited a number of Middle English texts: Siege of Jerusalem, The Middle English Metrical Paraphrase of the Old Testament, and John Gower’s In Praise of Peace. He is the general editor (and heavy contributor) to The Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook (Exeter, 2011). In his fiction life, he is a winner of the international Writers of the Future Contest (in 2005) and has published in a variety of genres and venues, from a historical retelling of Beowulf to a brief story about quantum physics in the world-renowned journal of science, Nature.

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