JordanCon 6 Game - Asha'man Catch and Release

The Red Ajah is pleased to have your assistance in our yearly registration and monitoring of wild Asha'man! Below, please find details of your objectives.

  1. Asha'man are known to be tricksy and use the Mask of Mirrors to hide their identity! Be on the lookout for Asha'man not wearing their signature black coats. (Anyone, male or female, may sign up at the Red Ajah table starting at 11:00 AM on Saturday to be one of our Asha'man volunteers.)
  2. Asha'man may be identified by their black badge ribbon that helpfully says "Asha'man."
  3. Each Asha'man has 5 red cards in their badge holder. If you are one of the first five people to ask, the Asha'man will give you one of those cards. Please bring it to one of the Red Sisters on duty for cataloging. The Red Sisters will take your name and keep track of how many Asha'man you have tagged.
  4. The game will run from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Saturday only. The winner(s) will be announced at the M'Hael's Masquerade (our yearly dance party).
  5. While we want to "catch" as many Asha'man as possible, we also want to be respectful of Con activities. Asha'man may not be caught while in a room with a panel in session, while participating in a game in the gaming room, in the restaurant as a patron, or in the restroom. All other public areas of the Con are fair game.

Good luck, and thank you for your assistance!

Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan
The Watcher of the Seals
The Flame of Tar Valon
The Amyrlin Seat