JordanCon 6 - 2014 Wrap-up

First off, thanks to all our guests and attendees for once again making JordanCon such a special event! We couldn't make this event so much fun without you. A special thanks to all our volunteers! Without you the Directors would go insane, not sleep, not eat, and generally be much more ragged than we already are, at the end of the convention.

There were 633 of you. Wow, we so missed our projections of around 500, but we're so happy you all came and loved it!

Mayo Charity Events raised a total of $1,144

  • $740 - Seanchan Hold'em
  • $374 - Ta'veren Ties (Pink Ribbons)
  • $30 - Charity Auction (Pink Ribbon)

The Charity Auction raised $2,361 for Eugie Foster!

Costume Contest
1st Place - Catherine Turley as Syl
2nd Place - Leslie Annis as Eladia/Suffa
3rd Place - April Moore as Tylin

Judges Choice
Harriet McDougal - Lauren O'Hara & Wendy Broderson as Roller Derby Moiraine and Nynaeve
Aubree Pham - Nancy McCullough as Wolfsister
Jason Denzel - Stephanie McStay as Haliax

Seanchan Hold'em Poker Tournament
1st Place - Eric Oglesby
2nd Place - Jacob Paul
3rd Place - Megan Rowe

Blademaster Finalists
Travis Hall
Logan Schneider
Randy Word

Asha'man Catch & Release
Abby Hill

Ta'veren Ties
1st Place - Zach Stevens
2nd Place - Sophie Decaudin
3rd Place - James Atkins

Magic: The Gathering
Table 1 - Leo Meares
Table 2 - Robert Pierce
Table 3 - Billy Todd
Table 4 - Scott Upole
Table 5 - Anthony Manganiello
Table 6 - Jonny Schneeweiss
Overall Winner - Billy Todd

1st place: Theresa Gray, Trae Cooper, Mary Sparklemonster Flavell, Marie Curie, and Susie Miles
(The two winning teams tied. The tie breaker was that one team used a last name and the other did not.)