JordanCon 4 Contest Winners


Most Hours
Joe Campbell - over 16 hours in the Con Suite
Adam Goetz - over 9 hours



Art Show Awards

Judges' Choice Award: Joe O'Hara for his entire display of Wheel of Time art work
People's Choice Award for Best Wheel of Time art: Paul Bielaczyc for "Prince of Ravens"
People's Choice Award for Best Non-Wheel-of-Time Art: Sam Weber for "Mistborn"
People's Choice Award for Most Unique: Dim Horizon Studio for "Blood River"

Illian's National Trivia Bee

1st place Terez (Teresa Gray)
2nd place Erin (Erin Cook)
3rd place Heidi Byrd
4th place Sandip Mehta
5th place Steve

Daes Dae'mar

Winning Team: Betrayers of Hope

  • Ted Herman
  • Scott Spratt
  • Eric Oglesby
  • John Jordan
  • Jacob Paul

Costume Contest

Judges Choice
Linda Taglieri's Choice - Hungry Trolloc (Marcos Romero)
Maria Simons' Choice - The Hunters for the Horn
Harriet McDougal's Choice - Birgitte Silverbow (Sophie Decaudin)

1st place Ebou Dari Widow (Leslie Annis)

2nd place Trolloc Pack

  • Paul Bielaczyc
  • Chip Moore
  • Paige Smith
  • Kelcey Casson

3rd place Maiden of the Spear