GoH Book Club- Chapter 5!

After Chapter 4's cliffhanger, I had to start this one right away. It doesn't leave for peaceful sleep leaving with the "OMG! Climb up there, Raseed! The old man's in trouble!" feeling of the last chapter! lol

And we're back in Adoulla's head for this one, picking up from where Raseed went over the end of that drop off. He's exhausted and ready to drop, but he scrambles for the drop off, looking for Raseed. Then, something moves and hits him! The largest bone-ghul he's seen in 40 years! So, not only do we now have six bone ghuls where we normally only see one or two, but this one is gigantic! And with God whispering in his head about the jackal that eats souls, we know who's responsible! Well... we sort of know, anyway!

I think it's rather telling that he's considering just letting the thing kill him, right here. Of course, the head crushed like a melon is probably not how we want to go here and Raseed still needs him! What does the tired old man do? Starts whistling sleepy music for the ghul! He dives for his pack, thinking he's surely going to die because that thing will get him before he can get to his pack and find something useful when... WHAM! Something attacks the ghul, buying him time to get to his pack! Whatever animal had attacked the ghul killed it first, though! We get coffin moths with our pile of dirt this time! Still... eww!

What do we get when the ghul is dead? More magic! This time a shape shifter! Here's the time when Adoulla's age helps again, having seen something like this before. A girl who has the power to change into a lion! We learn that this happens with the Badawi tribes outside of the city, one person who is so blessed who can protect the tribe, even though the tribe doesn't understand it and treats them differently because of it. Raseed catches up, but didn't witness the lion part of this scene, so is notably confused at finding a girl in the middle of the scene he expected to see when he came back. Adoulla makes the introductions and tosses Raseed a poultice patch for his wounds.

We learn that Zamia (the lion-shape girl)'s whole tribe was wiped out by those ghuls and she's been tracking them ever since. She mentions seeing the dead's eyes turn red, which is just weird. Do the bone ghuls get somethiing from the person they're killing to make this happen? Is it feeding magic back to their maker? Adoulla says that's what happens when the soul's been stripped away from the body. No one has reported seeing the jackal with the ghuls, though. Weirdness. She does say she smelled the jackal on the bodies of her dead band, though. She has a dagger with blood on it that isn't man or animals. Ghuls don't bleed. So... what did Zamia's dad stab?

Adoulla offers to let her travel with them, to find the answers she craves. Raseed argues, but Adoulla shuts him down pretty quickly. Adoulla says that these ghuls bled, which is how he was able to track them down. There's a plot twist for you! They're more than the normal ghuls, on top of being so many! Zamia agrees to travel with them, though she's frustrated at the delay in waiting until the following day to begin.

Raseed seems a bit off and Adoulla thinks it has something to do with Zamia. He thinks Raseed is attracted to her and is doing everything he can to corral those thoughts and reactions because of his dedication to his God. Rough. Then Adoulla lays down to sleep, thinking of Miri only to be disturbed by the sounds of small animals crying out in the night as they die. Alas, poor Adoulla is just going to sleep alone... on the hard ground.

I feel bad for them both, but it's probably the Green talking. ;)

So, I can sleep now! I'm going to my nice warm fluffy bed, though!

Until next time!