GoH Book Club- Chapter 4!

Now, we're getting to some meat!

This chapter is in Raseed's head and we get to see Adoulla from his eyes. I think it's a great thing to see Raseed acknowledge that, even though Adoulla isn't perfect (he burps and curses!), he's still a devout follower of God and blessed by him, as well. You can be a man of God without being as devout as a dervish! This is a fantastic statement, I think!

I also think it's funny they get into a scripture battle, quoting verses back and forth at each other. Maybe that's just me, though.

We also get a glimpse at Raseed beating himself up for becoming lax in his... I'm not even sure what you call it. Faithfulness to his religion? It doesn't sit well with him that they let the Flacon Prince go free and covered for him, and riding a mule and carrying supplies for a journey don't seem to sit well with him, either. He rides the mule because Adoulla calls it "show-offish" to walk (what would the Aiel say to that?!). So, there's a bit of inner conflict between what he's been taught and what Adoulla is teaching him.

I noticed that the first bit of magic that we see here comes from Raseed watching it. Why do you suppose he did it this way and not while we were in Adoulla's head? Raseed doesn't understand the spell, just watches what he does (which doesn't look like much). We don't really understand how the magic works here. Was that on purpose? Magic is magic and you don't have to explain the science behind it? I like this concept!

Adoulla mentions the jackal again here, and references the eating of souls. Mouw Awa, again! God is warning him, now, it's not just in his dreams.

And then comes the action! We find the ghuls! Adoulla moves rocks with magic by quoting scripture and kills two of the three ghuls. They turn into dirt and grave worms. Ewww!Then Raseed attacks the third ghul and handles him pretty easily. yay all three dead!

But, wait... there's more! Two more bone ghuls appear! We learn that packs of ghuls in ones and twos are what's normal, so the three they've already fought off are the work of someone pretty strong. Add in two more? This is going to be some serious trouble when we find the bad guy! Adoulla is too exhausted to throw any more magic at the ghuls (he's got limits! Are you paying attention here?). Raseed draws them away from him, and Adoulla gets enough magic built up to fell one that Raseed has wounded. I sorta picture this as a cell phone battery, right about now. The battery gets down to 5% and the screen gets darker because it's saving battery. You plug it in and, after a few minutes, you have enough of a charge that the screen can stay on for a bit and Facebook will load. It's amusing to think about it that way, I admit. So, Adoulla knocks one out, Raseed handles the other with a bit of difficulty. He's wounded. And with his wounds, he has to climb to check on Adoulla, hoping that no more ghuls have attacked the old man since his battery was already so close to drained. (yes, that's still funny to me. I might be sleep deprived, though. Don't mind me!)

And that's it. We leave this chapter with Raseed climbing back up a drop off that he and the ghul fell down to find Adoulla. The "hoped he wasn't too late" was a bit of foreshadowing that made not turning the page impossible for me. If five ghuls was a lot, why is Raseed still concerned about more? Could someone really be strong enough to raised more than 5?


Until next time!