GoH Book Club- Chapter 3!

Good evening and welcome to Chapter 3! Unlike the backstory of Chapter 2, this one is PACKED with goodies! Let's dive in, shall we?

We start this chapter with Adoulla feeling old again and Raseed reinforcing that he's doing God's work, protecting people from evil things. We find out that he and Miri didn't work out because she wouldn't marry a ghul-hunter and he wouldn't give it up. Then, we learn some more about Raseed's dedication to his faith, such that he doesn't even notice a pretty girl smiling at him and immediately turns the conversation back to the job at hand. Poor Adoulla knows how lonely this "path" is and wishes he'd just act like a normal younger man while he was young enough to take advantage of it.

Then... traffic. Sounds a bit like Atlanta at rush hour with his description here, which is kind of funny. I seriously found myself picturing Spaghetti Junction in July, on a Friday and around 5 PM. Yes, for those of you not from Atlanta, that's what the natives call "hell." But I digress.

Traffic is stopped because of an execution of a young boy, who has apparently tried to steal coins from a watchman. We find this out because (SPOILER ALERT) the Falcon Prince makes an appearance and kills the executioner, thereby freeing the boy. He gives a particularly long speech about how the Khalif has failed them and how he planned to kill him, to lead the Dhamswatt in a revolt against the Khalif. Then he disappears, with great fanfare.

Naturally, the excitement is going to clog up traffic for hours, kind of like a couple of cops on the side of I285 near 400 (sorry, another Atlanta traffic reference), and he decides to find another way out of the city.

This, however, takes him down a path that the Falcon Prince crosses in his escape from the scene of his crime. Adoulla orders Raseed to remain out of sight if he can't keep from hurting the man, which doesn't earn him any points with the dervish. Even more interesting, is that the Falcon Prince knows of Adoulla and Raseed. After the Prince disappears again, Adoulla misdirects the watchmen, much to the annoyance of Raseed, who feels they should've turned him in, at the very least.

And they walk on, still trying to get out of the city to hunt down the ghuls that killed the little boy's parents in the last chapter.

So... questions:
1- How do you feel about the Falcon Prince, here? Friend or Foe? Should Adoulla have told the watchmen the truth?

2- Is Raseed's prudishness going to be a problem, later? What lines will he cross to protect Adoulla? himself?

3- Should people be loyal to a crown that treats them so badly? <-- there's some revolutionary talk!

4- I can't help feel that The Prince knowing who Adoulla is will come up again, later. A man that powerful knowing your name before you've introduced yourself... gives me the willies!

Your thoughts??

Until next time!!