Exclusive Reading and Art Display!

ROSWELL, GA-- JordanCon, a literary fantasy convention held near Atlanta, GA will host an exclusive viewing of the art of legendary science fiction and fantasy artist Darrell K. Sweet as well as a preview of the forthcoming final novel in the Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light. Reading a selection from this highly anticipated conclusion to the series is Harriet McDougal, editor of the series and widow of its creator and author, Robert Jordan.

At the time of his death on December 5, 2011, Darrell K. Sweet was working on the cover of A Memory of Light. The concept art for this cover, as well as a special exhibition of Sweet’s artwork—including never published rough drafts and concept art—will be on display at JordanCon’s art show.

A Memory of Light is scheduled to release in January 2013, and is the 14th and final novel in the best-selling Wheel of Time series, which was begun by the late Robert Jordan and is being completed by Brandon Sanderson. Darrell K. Sweet was the original artist for the series, and has illustrated each of the series’ covers. Renowned artist Michael Whelan is painting the cover for the final novel.

Sweet illustrated science fiction and fantasy novels for over 35 years, and is well known for his cover illustrations for the best-selling series The Wheel of Time, as well as many other novels, including best-selling novels by Piers Anthony and Terry Brooks. Sweet was nominated for a Hugo for his work in 1980, and was the Guest of Honor at the World Fantasy Convention in 2010. He was slated to be the Guest of Honor at the 2013 World Science Fiction Convention.

Sweet’s son, Darrell R. Sweet, himself a noted artist, will be attending the convention and will be a featured artist in the show.