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What's the At-Door Pricing?

For JordanCon 9 (2017) the pricing at the convention is:

I Didn't Receive a Password Email

If you don't receive an email on account creation within a few minutes and have checked your spam folder, you can try "Request new password". The same rule applies, check your spam folder and give it a few minutes.

If you've requested a new password and the email did not come through, please try it again.

If you do not wish to try this or multiple times do not work, please email webmaster@jordancon.org with your email of the account and the account name. Service time will vary, but we get to these as soon as we can (we do occasionally sleep and have day jobs and families).

Jan. 3rd is Last Day Before Membership Price Increases

Don't forget to order your memberships before the price increases! The price will go up at midnight Eastern Time on January 4th, so make your purchases by January 3rd!

Click here to order now.

Room Block Expanded!

Due to demand, we've added more rooms to our room block. If you were unable to book your room this week because it was full, email chair@jordancon.org with your confirmation number.

If you haven't booked yet, what are you waiting for? Rooms are $92 a night and include Internet and parking. Click here to book now.

A Newbie’s Survival Guide to JordanCon

by Guest Blogger Leslie Annis

We've compiled a hit list for newbies to ensure they get the most out of their whirlwind JordanCon weekend. (And a whirlwind weekend it will be, in the best of ways—trust!)

When you think JordanCon, you probably think Wheel of Time, but it’s far more than that. One thing that surprises many newbies is how many con-attendees haven’t even finished reading the series. In fact, you can go all weekend without talking WoT at all! If you’re intimidated by attending solo, think of bringing a non-Wheel-of-Time-reading friend—there are plenty of things to do that are not Wheel of Time specific, and JordanCon is a family friendly convention with lots to offer.

Remember: everyone's out to have a good time, and you'll come away from a whirlwind weekend feeling like you've met family you didn't know you had.

Meet the Author: Todd McCaffrey

Hello JordanCon, I’m Todd McCaffrey and I’m very happy to say that I’m going to be a guest with you this year.

S: What have you written?

Are Day Passes available?

Yes, a day pass is available, however they're not available for pre-purchase. You can only get Day Passes at JordanCon.

Prices for JordanCon 2017 are:
Friday: $20
Saturday: $35
Sunday: $20
Saturday & Sunday: $50

We accept cash, check, and debit/credit (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and JCB).

The JordanCon Art Show - 2014 Wrap-Up

Our third Art Show proved that we’re really only just starting to hit our stride. Larry Elmore was a gracious, generous and enjoyable guest. It was so much fun to hang out with him til the wee hours each night, to hear his stories, and – of course – gawk at his beautiful art up close and in person. The man really is a legend and one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Many of us came away with wonderful memories and anecdotes of his presence at JordanCon. Amazing!

Where did the Signup and Add to Cart buttons go?

In an effort to gain more screen real estate, we removed the Signup and Add to Cart buttons from all the "Product Teasers". This lets us not display the whole product description, including options and required reading. Some of our "products" require that you read the whole description before buying, or have options you have to select. However, the Teasers do not always display this information, which requires us to force the whole product to be displayed in a list (which takes up a lot of screen space).

Is Paypal the only Payment Option on the Website?


You can use Paypal to make a one time payment on our website with your credit card. As a small convention, we can't afford, nor want the responsibility of securing credit card information on our website. Paypal is a reputable company with 10+ years of doing what they do safely and securely.

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