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Meet the Artist: Michael Bielaczyc


From the many talented artists who show their work at JordanCon, Michael Bielaczyc's body of work is among the most diverse. Michael works in many different media -- sometimes all at once -- but his favorites are oil paints and video. He himself would tell you that he is happiest when he is in the middle of twenty different projects, and his studio is often littered with the starts of illustrations, masks and paintings, manuscripts and sculptures. Ideas. At JordanCon, you can usually find him at the Charity Art Jam cranking out art for the Charity Auction, or hard at work in the Aradani Studios booth. Go by and say hello.

JordanCon 9 Charity Game: Ta'veren Ties

AKA "Pink Ribbons"

This year we are reviving a fun charity fundraiser event from a few years ago which we call "Ta'veren Ties." Our amazing (and tolerant) "Mat Cauthon" cosplayers will be given a token to identify them as participants in the game (please don't give your ribbon to someone who doesn't want to play). JordanCon's attendees will purchase pink ribbons to award to the Mat Cauthon cosplayer they like best. You award your ribbon to your favorite Mat by tying it on them (with their consent). We will count them on Saturday just before the Dance Party to see which Mat was JordanCon's favorite.

Please read below to find out more about how you can help us raise additional money for the Mayo Clinic's Amyloidosis Research Fund, all while having an amazing amount of fun.

Meet the Artist: Amanda Makepeace


Amanda Makepeace is a JordanCon favorite who has quietly built a following here for her beautiful, evocative work. In 2015, she was awarded the Judge's Choice Award by Artist Guest of Honor Todd Lockwood and the Art Show directors for her painting "Renascentia." Amanda is an Artist, Changeling, Wanderer, Bird Whisperer and part-time Owl Queen. When she is not in the studio, she is usually reconnecting with nature and the woods that inspired her as a child (and which continue to inspire her work today). If you are coming to JordanCon this year, be sure to check out her work and say hello.

JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: The Cosmere

The Cosmere

JordanCon prides itself on offering an inclusive and welcoming environment, where people of all stripes can have a wonderful time with other like-minded individuals. And by like-minded, we mean "people who love good books." We may look different, act different, believe different things, or come from all over the world, but at JordanCon we can both relish our similarities AND celebrate our differences.

So it's just a wee bit embarrassing that we hadn't already thought to create a drink to quench the thirst of our non-alcohol-imbibing friends, especially when one of those has been a frequent guest, a Guest of Honor and an ongoing supporter of JordanCon. But once we HAD realized our error, we immediately hurried to correct it. Chip put on his biggest thinking cap and came up with this lovely drink: The Cosmere. (And if you don't understand that reference, you can catch up here.)

Art Show Awards

Each year the JordanCon Art Show awards four awards to recognize the most outstanding works by our exhibiting artists. The art and artists winning these awards each year, as well as our Artist Guests of Honor who helped award these honors, are documented below.

The first is a Judges' Choice Award for the best work of art in that year's show, as determined by a panel consisting of our Art Show directors and the Artist Guest of Honor for that year. However, this award doesn't necessarily have to go to a single work. It can be (and has been) awarded to a group of works that work together as a thematic whole, such as Joe O'Hara's group of Wheel of Time character portraits which won the prize at JordanCon IV. The winner of the Judge's Choice Award is presented with a trophy and a certificate. You can see photos of many of these award winners over the years in the list below.

Have Art, Will Travel

We hear it every year at JordanCon.

"Oh, my god, I'd LOVE to own a print of that art, but I don't have any space in my luggage..."
"I'm driving (or flying) a long way and it will just get destroyed on my way home ..."
"I would love to look at that art every day, but I don't know how I'd frame it..."
"I don't want to buy it unless I can frame it. And framing is just so expensive...."
"I would love to buy some art, but I'm not really sure what I should be looking for..."
"It's beautiful, but I'm just not sure where I'd put it...."
"How would I know if I am getting a good deal...."

These are the sorts of questions that many people have when buying art, especially if the idea that they too can own unique, original art is a new one to them.
This series of blog posts is designed to help you solves the problems and answer these questions so that you too can begin building your own personal collection of art. Bringing art into your life is a sure-fire way to enliven your living space and bring you joy every day.

So let's get started! Our first topic:

How to travel with Art.

JordanCon 8 Exhibiting Artists

JordanCon is very pleased to announce the following artists will be exhibiting their art at JordanCon. Artists marked with an asterisk (*) will not be in attendance, though their art will be in our show. Artists marked with a double asterisk (**) will not be in attendance, but will have work in our Print Shop.

Meet the Artist: Charles Urbach


Charles Urbach is a writer and colored pencil artist with more than two decades of work in design, publishing, and illustration. His work challenges everything you ever thought you knew about colored pencils. While he put some of his art on display in our Art Show last year, this is the first year he has attended JordanCon in person. Check out his panel on "Colored Pencil Techniques for Adult Coloring & Illustration" on Saturday if you want to see him at work, first-hand.

JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: The Silver Circuit

The Silver Circuit

Mat Cauthon understood this drink. A hot, dry day of betting on horses in Ebou Dhar requires something that can quench your thirst and cool you down all at once. A "very good hat" is de riguer, but scarf and foxhead medallion are entirely optional.

JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: Oatcakes & Cream

Oatcakes & Cream

Every winter we spend a few weekends creating and testing new drink recipes to share with our friends at JordanCon. Only the best recipes accompany us to Atlanta, usually only one or two. In early 2015, however, we had a particularly long, cold winter; as a result, we ended up with a handful of new recipes to share this past year at JordanCon 7.

"Oatcakes and Cream" is another of the drinks that came out of that long winter season: a drink designed to keep you warm and content through long dark evenings when the wind is blowing down from the mountains across the ruins of old Manetheren, blustering down the Old Road, curling around doorways and under coat flaps, when the snow is thick and crunchy under your feet, the bright moon silvery and cold in the sky as a mirror, and you hear the shivery howl of a wolf out across the chill waters of the Waterwood...

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