About JordanCon

JordanCon is a fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the late author, Robert Jordan. JordanCon features eight tracks of simultaneous programming, a Dealers' Hall, gaming, an Art Show featuring original art by a variety of artists, and charity events benefiting the Mayo Clinic and other charities.

Our 2017 Guests of Honor are Charles E. Gannon & Stephen Hickman.

JordanCon 9 Three Day Membership


JordanCon membership covers all three days: admission to all panels, events, demonstrations, concerts, performances, contests, the Dealer Hall and Art Show, and a host of other activities. Workshops requiring a materials fee will be noted in the program. Look for pre-registration on material fee and other smaller panels to be offered in the panel's page or the Store.


Donations Needed for Charity Auction

Charity Auction would like to announce that we have a slight problem. Last year, we were able to raise almost $2,900 for Amyloidosis Research at the Mayo Clinic during the auction, by selling almost EVERY SINGLE ITEM we had. This includes all the new donations, and everything we had in storage.

“How is this a problem?” you might ask. Well, for the 2017 Charity Auction, we’ve got nothing left to sell. We do have a few promises for some really nice items, but it won’t be enough. We’ll need more and that’s where you all come in. We need donations.

JordanCon 9 Charity Game: Ta'veren Ties

AKA "Pink Ribbons"

This year we are reviving a fun charity fundraiser event from a few years ago which we call "Ta'veren Ties." Our amazing (and tolerant) "Mat Cauthon" cosplayers will be given a token to identify them as participants in the game (please don't give your ribbon to someone who doesn't want to play). JordanCon's attendees will purchase pink ribbons to award to the Mat Cauthon cosplayer they like best. You award your ribbon to your favorite Mat by tying it on them (with their consent). We will count them on Saturday just before the Dance Party to see which Mat was JordanCon's favorite.

Please read below to find out more about how you can help us raise additional money for the Mayo Clinic's Amyloidosis Research Fund, all while having an amazing amount of fun.

Media Coverage for JordanCon 2017

JordanCon is still accepting Media Applications for 2017. If you are a photographer, videographer, blogger, podcaster, etc. and you are interested in covering JordanCon in some way please submit an application.

Media Passes are limited, so all applications will receive a response to let you know whether you've been approved.
You must submit an application to receive a Media Pass. Apply here!

Is your room a Party Room?

The hotel has an 11:00 PM quiet time. To avoid noise complaints last year, we designated a party floor. That worked out well, so we will be doing this again.

If you know you are going to have people in your room for a small party, or you want to avoid having to be quiet after 11, please email us at jordancon@jordancon.org with your confirmation number so we can put you on the party floor so you won't have to deal with hotel security about the noise complaints.

GoH Book Release!

A new book release from our author Guest of Honor, Charles Gannon is a pre-JordanCon treat! This is the fourth book in the Caine Riordan sci-fi series, and you will definitely want to read it if you want to be all caught up by April.

Check it out here!

Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday Fire with Fire Part 2, Panels, and Science

So another week and another dive into the world of Science Fiction. Side by side with that, is always the dive into Science Fact, which is very important to keep in mind as it informs our storytelling. Whether in strict adherence to the laws of physics or in blatant contradiction of them, the science of the real world plays an important role for SF creators and their audiences. In a very real sense the content we create for the Rivets & Robots track is designed to please you, our audience.

Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday: Britain, Silk, and Coffee with Cosmonauts

Science Fiction reveals the inner monologue of a people or nation and has a way of allowing the reader and viewer to peer into the hearts of other cultures, within the context of a fictional story. With Rivets & Robots, we want to tap into the underlying diversity of Science Fiction and find the common ground and enjoyment there. So while working on the panels for 2017, I have had a few ideas for 2018 as well. PLUS I will reveal one of our panels for 2017 and then some news about our Group Read Through.

Overflow Hotel Available

If you were unable to get a room at the host hotel before the room block sold out, we have an overflow block set up at a hotel nearby.

You can reserve your room by clicking here. All rooms in our block are $94 a night, plus taxes. Last day to reserve is: 4/7/17

Overflow Hotel Address:

Fairfield Inn & Suites Atlanta Perimeter Center

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