JordanCon 7 Three Day Membership

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 1:00pm - Sun, 04/19/2015 - 5:00pm

JordanCon membership covers all three days, all panels, events, demonstrations, concerts, performances, contests and a host of other activities. Workshops requiring a materials fee will be noted in the program. Look for pre-registration on material fee and other smaller panels to be offered in the panel's page or the Store.


Pre-reg for Panels Open

The two panels that require pre-registration are locked in and live (as well as their pre-reg page)

Writer's Workshop - It's set up to allow an extra 10 submissions in case of absentees

Mask Making - We lengthened this to a "2 hour" panel ... which with the 30 minute breaks between panels means you've got about 3 hours, really.

GoH Book Club- Chapter 5!

After Chapter 4's cliffhanger, I had to start this one right away. It doesn't leave for peaceful sleep leaving with the "OMG! Climb up there, Raseed! The old man's in trouble!" feeling of the last chapter! lol

GoH Book Club- Chapter 4!

Now, we're getting to some meat!

This chapter is in Raseed's head and we get to see Adoulla from his eyes. I think it's a great thing to see Raseed acknowledge that, even though Adoulla isn't perfect (he burps and curses!), he's still a devout follower of God and blessed by him, as well. You can be a man of God without being as devout as a dervish! This is a fantastic statement, I think!

I also think it's funny they get into a scripture battle, quoting verses back and forth at each other. Maybe that's just me, though.

GoH Book Club- Chapter 3!

Good evening and welcome to Chapter 3! Unlike the backstory of Chapter 2, this one is PACKED with goodies! Let's dive in, shall we?

Why You Should Come to JordanCon

by Guest Blogger Leslie Annis

It’s that time of year again!

Okay... you got me... it’s not quite April yet, but it’s that time when we start shamelessly promoting our shiny weekend that is JordanCon, in the hopes of sharing our communal merriment with Wheel of Time friends far and wide—those we’ve met and those we hope to meet.

Seriously, yo. Come and play. It’s a sweet time, and one you won't regret. The more we get together the merrier, faster, stronger, and the partier we’ll be.

Preparing Art for the JordanCon Print Shop

by Paul Bielaczyc

Wherein Paul walks us through how to prepare your prints for inclusion in the Print Shop

For many of you that have submitted art to a Print Shop before, you can probably skip this tutorial. But if this is your first time to participate in a Print Shop, you may want to read ahead for a few pointers on how to prepare your prints.

All artwork that is submitted to the Art Show's Print Shop must be bagged and boarded or “bagged and backed,” as it is often called by art shows. This helps protect your artwork as people handle it. While all prints must be bagged and backed to be accepted into our Print Shop, you are free to decide if you would like to mat them as well, or not. That part is up to you.

More Guests!

We've got even more great guests for you!

A whole slew of guests for a brand new track of Rivets and Robots!
Erik Benner
Peter B. Slayer
Dan Dougherty
Ben Hibben

Also, a big welcome back to Isaac Stewart!

GoH Book Club- Chapter 2!

Welcome to Chapter 2! We're delving deeper into Adoulla's past with this chapter!

GoH Book Club- Chapter 1!

Hello and welcome to Chapter 1! Sorry about last week's slacking. I caught the plague from an SCA event and all I wanted to do was sleep!

But I'm back this week and we're going to hit 3 chapters to make up for it! So many of you are enjoying this book, I know you're chomping at the bit to talk about some meaty stuff!

So, without further ado, Chapter 1!

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