JordanCon 7 Three Day Membership

Fri, 04/17/2015 - 1:00pm - Sun, 04/19/2015 - 5:00pm

JordanCon membership covers all three days, all panels, events, demonstrations, concerts, performances, contests and a host of other activities. Workshops requiring a materials fee will be noted in the program. Look for pre-registration on material fee and other smaller panels to be offered in the panel's page or the Store.


Announcing Author Blue Cole

We hinted at this earlier, but now we would like to officially announce Blue Cole as a guest author for JordanCon 7!

JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: Sheepherder and The Black Ajah

Sheepherders and The Black Ajah

Twenty-five years ago "The Eye of the World" was first published, featuring everyone's favorite sheepherder, Rand al'Thor. To commemorate that event, we thought it would be a great time to publish our recipe for JordanCon's version of a White Russian, called, fittingly enough, a Sheepherder. A rich tasting drink that's slightly chocolatey, yet not too sweet, it's just the right drink to sit down with as you start your latest re-read.

Of course, you can't have saidin without saidar. If you like your world a little darker, skip on down to our Black Ajah recipe!

JordanCon 7: Con of the Red Hand T-Shirt

Perry, in the JordanCon 7 t-shirt
JordanCon 7 t-shirt mockup

Pickup only at JordanCon 7, this shirt will not be shipped


What's the At-Door Pricing?

For JordanCon 7 (2015) the pricing at the convention is:

Three Day: $65

Day Passes
Friday: $20
Saturday: $35
Sunday: $20
Saturday & Sunday: $50

We accept cash, check, and debit/credit (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and JCB).

Introducing The GoH Book Club!

Greetings from Swords & Sorcery!

I am Loraine, the luckiest track director on the planet, and together, we're creating the first edition of our Guest of Honor Book Club! This will become a yearly read along to help get everyone even MORE excited about the best Con in the WORLD (not like I'm partial or anything).

The idea here is to post Chapter reviews in blog style here on the JordanCon website that will be cross posted to a group on Facebook set up just for this purpose, as well as the JordanCon Facebook group so we can have a conversation about it!

Announcing the Guest of Honor Book Club!

JordanCon is trying something new this year. We've got a really great Author Guest of Honor, Saladin Ahmed, with a really great book that we love. So we're going to host a book club style read of Throne of the Crescent Moon, the Hugo nominated first novel in the Crescent Moon Kingdoms trilogy. Each week, Tiffany Franklin, the director of our Fantasy literature track will read two chapters of the book and post her thoughts in a dedicated blog on this site. We've set up a Facebook Group for comments and discussion.

Merry Christmas!

JordanCon would like to welcome some new guests as well as our returning guests. To whet your appetite just before Christmas, we have:
New Guests:
Charles R Rutledge
James A Moore

Returning Guests:
Anthony Taylor
Doctor Michael Livingston

That's just a taste, there are other announcements to come!

In Sympathy for Blue Cole

Grief has again struck the JordanCon family, this time from one of our newest guests. On December 8th, Sarah Tate, the granddaughter of JordanCon author Blue Cole, passed into the waiting embrace of the angels. She was only seven weeks old. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cole family.

Donations to funeral expenses are gratefully accepted and can be made at Baby Sarah Bear's Funeral Expenses - GoFundMe

Eugie Foster Update

It is with a heavy heart we announce that frequent JordanCon guest speaker Eugie Foster has passed away after a long fight with cancer. Eugie was the beneficiary of JordanCon's 2014 Charity Auction. Best known for her short fiction, Eugie was a Nebula winner and Hugo nominee. She was a staple at JordanCon, even speaking on panels this year after being released from the hospital earlier that day. Like many of our Guests and Attendees, she was more than just a Guest, she was family. She will be missed by all of us at JordanCon. In lieu of flowers, her husband requests that we purchase her books so that we may remember her better.

May the last embrace of the mother welcome her home.

Official Update
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